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How to Convert New Contact Into Patients

My name is Frank Sardella, AKA “The Rogue Screener“, and I revolutionized the new-patient screening process and made it simple and easy to create Day 1 arrivals who know the visit purpose and are very interested in its outcome!


Training for CA’s Turns Around Worst New Patient Fails!

Introducing “Arrival Mania” a special 4-part training for all internal staff on how to get new patients to show for their first visit, elevate their interest and even turn around those trying to back out!

Don’t delay. Get the scoop pon the events page and sign up and register unlimited staff for this amazing event. Go to the page by clicking here!


LOL: How Many Times Have You Done a Perfect Screening Only to Be Rubutted With This Annoying Answer?

It’s happened so many times it isn’t funny? Or IS it? lol


WARNING: This NYC Doc Cashed In on 3 Patients Same Day As the Screenings!

Isolating what motivates people, not what to say to them, is how you get them to show up! Would you rather have scheduled appointments or totally interested prospects who visit your clinic?

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