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I went rogue on medical care, entered the realm of Chiropractic, and went rogue again!

After not thinking I would live to see age 30, and a swift and miraculous recovery after a few weeks of Chiropractic treatment, I went rogue on the medical model and became a staunch advocate of the Chiropractic profession, screening and lecturing to thousands over the ensuing years and getting them to Chiropractic clinics where they were given the same opportunities afforded me. But I didn’t stop there…

After reading scripts and being “patient” with set marketing techniques taught by the top consultants, I decided to go rogue once again!

That’s right, after years of reading scripts and scraping what I refer to as “the cream” off the top of the people I met (booking those who were “ready” already), I decided I wanted everybody. I wanted the majority of people under care and saw that no one had a method of doing that. So I did the unexpected. No, I didn’t study and try more methods. I jumped into the trenches and stepped up my volume of people screened.

And then I watched and observed, listened and learned, conversed, debated, begged, sold, badgered, harassed and insisted. And I finally realized what makes people tick on the subject of health. Although I had become the best at it, the results were still not sweeping and I wanted more.

Hence, the Lifetime Patient Ladder and the True Screening Process were born

The word “process” is a funny word. It has such a limited scope and implies that there is a short process one person takes, a recipe of sorts, that results in a “baked cake” of a lifetime patient, all done in 5 minutes to an hour at a screening or talk. But what I realized is that it wasn’t a process of one. It required a team effort to make a lifetime patient. And, even when I worked with top, treatment-plan-closing docs as a top screener, there was yet a gap in between. I found out that there was much more involved in getting a thorough job done than just a screening, a consult, and ROF.

Continuing the conversation

I will tell you, quite frankly, the secret to what I do. It’s no secret at all. It’s the guarantee of an opportunity to continue the conversation with every person I meet, first and foremost, before any further screening, enlightening, closing or otherwise takes place. And this conversation is most often longer than 5 minutes to an hour.

Chiropractic Marketing Driven by On-Purpose Professionals

Take it from this NYC client…