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Screening and Referral Conversion Experts Created Here!

I’m Frank Sardella, Developer of the True Screening Process and Lifetime Patient Ladder, My Signature Patient Referral and First-Contact Conversion System

I am in my third-decade of screening thousands of public individuals and referring them to visit Chiropractors and other modern, wellness professionals. In so doing, I innovated and engineered “The True Screening Process” using a set of observed health mindsets and behaviorsĀ of those I screened.The result is “The Lifetime Patient Ladder” system which helps with the patient recruitment and onboarding process. In my coaching, I impart my developed skills including how to make lots of first contacts, inflate their interest, arrive in-clinic, know why they are coming and be interested in what they will find out.


BIG NEWS! Special, Intense, 4-Session Training for ALL STAFF! Introducing “Arrival Mania” Intensive, 4-Session Training on Converting Leads to Arrivals

Now you can get all your staff to convert first contacts via phone, internet, networking, social contact or whatever medium into quality arrivals who know why they’re coming and are VERY interested in what will occur!

Follow the link below to watch a video about it, learn more, sign-up, register and more! I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Don’t delay.

Visit the info, registration and sign-up page here!

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