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Onboard All the Patients You Want with My Revolutionary, No-Fail Screening Process

I revolutionized the screening process and made it simple and easy to create Day 1 arrivals who know the visit purpose and are very interested in its outcome!

My name is Frank Sardella, AKA “The Rogue Screener“, Founder of Screening Experts, and I revolutionized the new-patient screening process. Tell me. Would you rather have scheduled appointments or interested prospects who visit your clinic?

That is the difference between a screening and a sales pitch, a make-break of practice growth.

This is the key factor that led to the development of my “True Screening Process” which allowed me to get thousands of interested people arriving in clinics and climbing the rungs of my “Lifetime Patient Ladder” to becoming happy, life-long patients who refer others.

Screenings bring you consults which make sales. Successful practices are built upon sales but, even to a 100% closer, 100% of zero prospects is ZERO sales! Leads must be captured to create sales opportunities. More than scheduling appointments, screenings must fill your sales funnel with TONS of sales opportunities, ones which should be in the form of interested arrivals.

That is what I have been successfully creating for 23 years and counting: INTERESTED ARRIVALS.

Doing this, I create a mindset shift in prospective new patients so they not only book the appointment but do 3 things in the process:

  • Arrive for their primary visit
  • Know why they’re coming
  • Are interested in what they will find out

Create Interested Arrivals Who Become Patients

This is how we roll. Take it from this NYC client…

Isolating what motivates people, not what to say to them, is how you get them to show up!

There is an exact reason why people visit doctors. There are also 17 states of mind I found people experience about wellness dictating their reaction to it, making my True Screening Process so effective without a single script to read or memorize and possible for ANYONE to do!

This is process has many parts including ALL of your staff, who work together to onboard new-patients!

I train all marketing staff, associates, front desk and even tech staff to play their role in this process that’s not just the screener’s responsibility, but all staff, each with a different role to play in the overall process of onboarding new patients. Hence, the True Screening Process.

Get your staff crushing it and patients using it to refer others. My job is to get you there, by covering screenings, teaching the True Screening Process, event-finding, podcasting and more!

The BIG IDEA is to cover any and all channels which create initial interactions and convert them to Day 1 arrivals who know the visit purpose and are very interested in its outcome!

Easier ROF’s, more compliance and a flood of referrals await you, all by making this simple change that will even supercharge any program you’re already doing! Get your staff turning every public interaction into a “pre-consultation” using the True Screening Process.

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Screening Methods, Scripts, Sales Pitches and Offers… I threw them away and went ROGUE!

I am a miracle wellness success story, having been granted life by my Chiropractor back in the early 1990’s. I immediately became an advocate for the profession and for wellness and prevention. Scripted methods and consulting programs provided me with a limited foray into this area but I wanted more. So I went out and screened, literally thousands of people and sent them to Chiropractors and other medical and wellness pros to become patients and achieve wellness. And what I learned busted the lid off of traditional practice marketing and flooded people in the doors of clinics!

Scripts are about you, but you need to focus on others!

I spent years studying, not what to say to people, but the people themselves, interviewing and screening thousands of them at a time. Carefully sorting out responses and attitudes toward health, wellness, illness and pain, I observed a number of key factors that not only were not present in any existing method, but that had not been previously looked at by anyone in the industry. Thar’s when I knew we had it licked! It is then that I discovered what I coined as “The Lifetime Patient Ladder” and the keys to how people react as well as what state of mind they needed to be in to take action, their next step toward achieving a wellness lifestyle, guided by YOU!

Uncovering how Chiropractors bastardized a successful medical model and my discovery of what I call “The True Screening Process”

Medicine has not made one dollar off the screening process itself nor have medicos or pharma failed to get anyone to take their prescribed action. But, why?

The reason is in the very positioning of themselves, their information and their authority, all pre-established, and a process of motivating people not to buy directly and immediately, but to take them to a next step which would lead to very profitable and willing future steps. They were the original sales funnel and made billions, and still do to this day (as if you hadn’t noticed).

What I discovered is that this process was workable and that it was bastardized and manipulated into a sales process by eager, if impatient docs who desperately wanted to get people into a wellness mindset and into their clinics as patients.

I carefully reassembled the medical screening model into its original, successful form and adapted it properly to our setting. It now works in all scenarios from medical to Chiropractic, dentistry to even wellness coaching, massage therapy and the like.

The secret to closing EVERYONE: Continuing the conversation

I will tell you, quite frankly, the secret to what I do. It’s no secret at all. It’s the guarantee of an opportunity to continue the conversation with every person I meet, first and foremost, before any further screening, enlightening, closing or otherwise takes place. And this conversation is most often longer than 5 minutes to an hour.

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