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5 Weirdest Chiropractic Screenings Locations I’ve Done

chiropractic screenings weirdestYou can literally do chiropractic screenings anywhere. Take it from me; I have done them in some of the most bizarre places!

One of the principles that is a secret to my success with chiropractic screenings was in the ability to screen people anywhere I go. No matter where I am, whether at a screening or the deli ordering lunch, I am on the hunt. This viewpoint has gotten me into some of the most interesting screening situations. Here are my five weirdest places!

Fueling practice growth at a gas station

This is in contention for the weirdest. It was more of a combination gas station, convenience store and Dunkin’ Donuts. But there I was, one Saturday morning, screening the people who came in for cigarettes and coffee. It didn’t provide the best numbers I have ever seen, but it was a source of a few new patients. It was fun and convenient too!

Finding patients at the bagel store

This was a great screening spot because EVERYONE loves bagels and deli sandwiches. Bagel stores are where the people are for sure. At lunchtime during the week and for breakfast on the weekend, you will surely find crowds of people hanging out here. My SAM unit and I did famously at this screening location. It helps if the bagels are good too. It draws a larger crowd but also provides you with a reward for a job well done! I lik mine with lox and cream cheese – hold the red onion until after the screening!

So a screener walks into a bar…

Many people think I am joking when I say that chiropractic screenings could take place in a bar, let alone in downtown Newark NJ! But that is where I met with 12 firemen at their monthly meeting. Competing with noisy crowd and loud jukebox in the next room, I spent an hour successfully convincing 11 out of 12 firefighters to come to the clinic for further evaluation. It would have been a perfect night except one of them had a chiropractor he’d been seeing his entire life. I would never mess with that. What a great night. I got a good story out of it too!

Wired for screenings at Starbucks

This may not sound that odd until you go there and set up a SAM unit. Then start walking around to the tables. Approach people about doing a screening and see what happens. It was one of the greater challenges I have faced but I found success. Of course the “perks” weren’t too bad either. Perhaps some of the skill came from being wired from all the free drinks the manager kept giving me. Seriously though, I had a good day with lots of qualified people booked. Starbucks does attract quality prospects.

My personal favorite screening spot: I-HOP!

I saved my favorite, and the most bizarre, for last. Yes, on Saturday morning, Thanksgiving weekend, I-HOP was teaming with people, not only eating breakfast, but waiting impatiently in the lobby. I thought the idea strange when I was first approached to do it. But what a great idea. People had nothing to do while waiting. And these were some hungry people. You know how people get! I probably got nearly a dozen signed up in an hour or two. It turned out to be way more productive than I had anticipated.

Be open to anything and ready to screen anywhere – even if you’re not at a screening event!

The moral of the story? Be ready. People who need you are hanging out everywhere you go. If you are willing to talk to people, it doesn’t matter where you are. Screen them and get them in to see you in the office. You will soon realize that new patient marketing and chiropractic screenings are not difficult, hard or impossible. They are quite easy and fun too. Why not try someplace bizarre yourself? It could be the start of a trend – an uptrend that could result in practice prosperity you have only dreamed of!

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