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Use These Free Videos

chiropractic screenings videosFree Videos You Can Use to Inspire and Enlighten People On the Power of Chiropractic

Embed on your website or post in social media. It doesn’t matter. These free videos were designed and arranged with that purpose in mind: for you to use them for free to spread the chiropractic message. Please use them with Frank’s compliments.

Frank wrote, produced and even composed the music for these videos

Save hundreds of dollars in shooting your own video and use these professionally written, produced and musically composed videos that will inspire your audience and also get them over the initial hump of finding out what chiropractic really is, giving them no chance to balk and every chance to be interested in finding out more!

Chiropractic: Simple Definition and Explanation

View on YouTube

Chiropractic: An Invitation to Find Answers

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