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First Contact Conversion Crash Course | Introduction to the True Screening Process

The True Screening Process Crash Course + Marketing Assistant Hiring Workbook | $99 + $1

Now You Can Find Out How to Get More Arrivals in One Session Call me insane but call yourself fortunate. This ONE SESSION will give you my secrets, signature moves and motivations for getting screening results!

While my full program involves intense, multi-week training, I’m offering this special insight to┬áreveal what all the secrecy has been about, and why my program WORKS. So, you’ll learn the foundation of this method. And, you can use it IMMEDIATELY to change the results you have been getting!

There are many aspects to my system but mostly it is unscripted and not based on you. It’s based on the thousands of people I have screened over two decades.


  • The medical profession’s secret to success, on which the True Screening Process is based
  • The exact factor that motivates people to take action regarding their health
  • Why you will never SELL anyone on visiting your clinic and what to do instead
  • The secret to converting appointments into “interested arrivals”
  • How to get your staff to screen people BETTER than you
  • A way to teach your patients how to screen referrals for you

Learn my secrets I only share in the orientation to my True Screening Process

A $1500 value You get your introduction to the entire process for $99!

PLUS: Get a copy of my workbook on hiring marketers for only $1

Sign up today and start winning at your screenings!

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