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Close Everyone! 9 Secrets to the Best Talk You Will Ever Give | $15

It’s time to start crushing it at the whiteboard, easel or podium. Chiropractic talks are easy for some, difficult for others, and a disaster for still others. But, even those who can give (what they consider) a decent talk on Chiropractic (or other wellness topics), it is easy to lose sight of the fact that this is actually a persuasive talk to effect a specific call to action. And, not only do most get the process wrong to call them to action, they actually get the call to action wrong too.

In other words, most speakers are persuading people to do something much more complex or difficult than what’s needed. And that is the saving grace and premise of this book. The actual process is WAY simpler than you’re making it!

And this is what I want to share with you… What will you learn?

The Close Everyone Approach to Doing Talks and Getting People On Board

One of my hottest discoveries on this subject is that the basic problem is not that you are a terrible speaker, lack speaking skills or even have stage fright. In fact, it’s not even that you are disinterested in doing the talks. It’s just a basic breakdown in what the process is, it’s target and what the end result is supposed to be. Most speakers are out there to advocate what they do and “enlighten” people on the subject that took them years (or decades) to study, embrace and master themselves – and in a 1-hour talk to boot. Talk about overwhelming!

This manual instructs you on how to tone down what you know, tempering it to only include what information is needed to make people want to know more, and then take a “next-step” action, not to get them on board with Chiropractic, wellness care or to stop their insistence on the “medical model” and sick-care.

What Will You (and Your Audience) Take Away?

With this manual, you will learn to:

  • gain immediate acceptance from participants
  • revive a dead audience who are not paying attention
  • get participation, head nods and agreement
  • talk about what YOU want to
  • build solid trust and establish your expertise
  • develop audience interest in knowing more
  • get people to take the next step with you, in your clinic
  • the rules for converting all to patient status
  • reduce or eliminate new-patient no-shows

This only scratches the surface. There is so much more!

Here is an excerpt from the book:

“If you have fear up there, look inward, not to your behavior, but your knowledge of the subject matter. As for the audience’s reaction to the subject, that’s a different matter for another chapter. So is a hack I will teach you to build rapport enough to own the room before you even hit the stage. Meanwhile, you’ve got this!”

What are people saying…

“I really loved it! It had me engaged the whole time. I related to and understood your message. It all just made sense! The quotes and connections you made with different movies and shows really drew me in. The story telling made it very relatable, personable, and interesting. The best part is it applies to everyone. My students would even benefit from reading it.”
– Michele Farrell, TV & Radio Personality, Voiceover Artist and University Professor of Communications

“This is an invaluable book for anyone considering speaking engagements as a way of attracting and closing prospects. Just the definition alone in the book, for “Stage Fright” is worth it – as it completely handles what you have to do to avoid it! Speaking is such a valuable way to set yourself up as an authority for potential clients and when you follow the principles in this book, you can be assured that you will create the effect you intended to, on your audience! Much appreciated very needed material on this subject — thank you Frank!”
– Ciara, Senior Management Consultant, Phase Two Management Consultants


A book like no other, this one is not on “public speaking” but on speaking to leads, making an impression on them and getting them to change their minds enough to come see you.

As I indicate in the first chapter…

“How do you give the greatest talk you will ever give?

“Let’s start with a finished product and work backward.

“Who is the most dynamic speaker you have ever seen? Chances are you didn’t even have to think about it. He or she just came to mind. Why do you remember so vividly?

“What is it you remember most about this speaker? Was it something emotional that they evoked inside you, or perhaps a feeling of rapport with some of your inner-most beliefs? Whatever it was, it made you remember.

“More importantly, there is undoubtedly some conclusion you drew from what was said and how it was presented to you. The words got you to draw a conclusion and perhaps take action. And therein lay the essence of what a great talk is all about in the end: an action conclusion…”

…read more by getting this training manual/ebook now!

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