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Transforming Coaching

One of the Most Transforming Training Sessions I Have Had to Date

Just wanted to write up a thank you for having put together one of the most transforming training sessions on screenings I have had to date. Your few key insights have helped me not only modify my screening protocols for my communication style, but also discern the key things that I was doing WRONG, actually destroying whatever rapport and cognition on prospect behalf I worked so hard to create.

Your information is indeed not only not a rehash of anything available in the last 30 years, but more so…

…it’s based on your objective data evaluation and it simply works.

Thank you for letting me allow myself to never use gimmicks, scripts that needlessly destroy trust, to not rely on back-end promises to book, and just be able to almost effortlessly communicate my truth to the masses….while having a heck of a fun game. I wish more chiropractors knew your secrets, just not around my exact block!!!! Just kidding: we need to get this information out to our profession. Thank you!
– Dr A., Chicago IL

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