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Screenings Are Fun Again

First Thing [In 21 Years] That’s Ever Gotten Me Excited to Do Screenings*

[*Excerpted from first coaching call – expressed at the end of 1 hour Orientation with 8 doctors and staff]

I’m the owner of the practice… I’ve been in practice for 21 years, and I did probably 30-40 weekends of screenings for 5 years when I was an associate… I got to the point where I hated them, HATED them. And, I’ve never really gotten back to liking them.

…I can tell you, this is the first thing that’s ever gotten me excited to go do a screening,…

so I feel like you’ve handled a lot of the things that come up at a screening that can derail you or make you feel like, “oh it doesn’t work, why should I even even bother?”

…Thank you very much for putting all this together because its something that obviously a lot of other doctors have run into, and so they’re missing the opportunity to help people, and this just gives you everything you need, you know, [what should you be like], what to do, what are you going to have, how do you get [new patient prospects] there. So, I’m really excited this is totally going to help our practice and our community. So thank you…

You made it like a game again, like finding out why, rather than try to close them and sell them, you made it a game of finding out why, which is exactly what we do when we have them in the clinic so to have that ability out at the screening is invaluable.”

– Dr J., Greater Chicago IL

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