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Love the Ladder

Holistic Health Coach: ‘Lifetime Patient Ladder helped me move my clients where I want them to go’

I really love the ladder idea.

It really helped me to understand how people move from level to level and how, when you’re in that process of working with people, if you understand what the next step is, you can kind of gauge where they’re going. So, with the one ladder that we talked about, you had said that people go from understanding they need to have correction and then moving into correction and eventually you get them to living a wellness lifestyle and then helping others.

What that did for me was it really helped me to understand how I wanted to move my clients through steps and phases of where I would want them to go.

It kind of gave me a starting point and an ending point and that really was very helpful in me figuring out a coaching process [within my weight loss coaching program] for each step [of my program].

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