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Frank Got 3 Arrivals Same Day

Something special because he believes in quality, not quantity

“I’m a chiropractor in midtown Manhattan. I am doing this testimonial for Frank Sardella. I highly would recommend his services. He’s helped me out a lot. He’s helped me regroup my whole marketing, massage promotion. Starting with doing the training, and he helped train my staff to all become better closers, and understand the process of how you get a patient in the door.

“He’s also helped external marketing with me, going to massage days. The first massage day he did for me, [in addition to the number of appointments he made] he actually got three people to come in that day [who all became patients]. So right then and there I knew he had something special because he believes in quality not quantity, basically having the patient come in looking for what the problem is and trying to figure out what it’s about, and not just coming in for a free massage. So, that’s really been helpful that ‘changing mindset’.

“Also, I really appreciate what he does as far as his experience, and he knows what a good and what a bad event is. He’ll give you real good insight into what’s going on. So, he’s your eyes and ears in the event. He gets back to you about what it should have been, and that’s been a real help as well.

“I highly recommend Frank Sardella in a lot of ways to improve your practice.”

– Dr Jeff K, NYC

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