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Solution Reach Patient Relationship Management System: “Set-It-and-Forget-It” technology for reactivation, kept appointments, reviews and more!

My wife worked both in HR and over a 4-man call center for a 75-80 staff MD/DC/PT facility. She came home excited one evening with this new product called “Solution Reach” she wouldn’t stop talking about. Understand that she never gets this excited over anything so I took notice. She kept saying, “you are going to love this and will want to recommend it to all of your clients.” She was right!

All it took was a demo of the product for me to see its power. I knew right then that it was the tool I have been looking for the entire 21+ years of my career in the chiropractic and professional wellness fields. It is a way to do the impossible: automate contact to reach EVERYONE! No one would “slip through the cracks” anymore. Especially for those who had smaller offices with minimal staff.

How my wife got an average of 16 patient reactivations per week, beating her live call center stats

With payments the way they have been in this troubled insurance climate, even a 4-man call center can have its challenges. Witness the frustration my wife would come home with each night as her task to make quotas with her staff became progressively more challenging.

With only 2 staff left in the call center, Solution Reach started out-producing them. The average became 16 reactivations from Solution Reach compared to 0-5 from the live callers. Even at peak performance, with a highly-trained staff of 4 callers, the average was about 15 total for the entire team. SR was out-performing everyone combined. Mind you, 4 callers cost on average $1600 a week in payroll. But, even 1 caller costs about $400 a week in payroll, to say nothing of bonuses.

For the record, Solution Reach has yet to draw a single paycheck or commission.

No shows? Increase arrival rates by 50% or more!

I learned an interesting fact from the folks at Solution Reach. There is research data that shows 50% of people who didn’t show up for their appointment, simply forgot. That fact stuck with me and really hit home. How often do we speculate on all sorts of reasons why people blow off appointments and overlook this obvious factor?

But no-shows waste more than time. They waste money too. Those time slots have a dollar value which is measurable and easily calculated. This is lost revenue and income. Add up the potential income of each visit and you have a good picture of lost revenue for the year. And it amounts to a fortune. Here is something far more frustrating than a mere waste of your time. No-shows cost money!

The Solution Reach reminder system uses automated text, email and even voice calls to make sure everyone remembers. SR even boasts the best stats in the entire industry in this regard. In fact, it even calculates the dollar value of all those visits for you.

Missed appointments? No problem. Replace them with people who want to come in!

Let’s face it. Even with 50% or more missed appointments being kept, there will still be some no-shows and cancellations. Have you ever tried to fill those slots? Who has the time for that? Here is another impossible task. But not for Solution Reach. It has the capability to even fill cancelled appointments by broadcasting texts, emails and calls to get some “takers” for these open slots. And, to top it off, SR will calculate the dollar value of those visits. And you have to admit, that is freakin’ cool!

No one picks up the phone or listens to voicemail anymore! Send the right message, on the right medium at the right time. Auto-texting rules!

A number you cannot identify comes up on your phone. Do you answer it? If you are like most people, you don’t. We all tend to do this. And, even with those you know well, you may not always take their call. How many times have you personally pressed “ignore” because you didn’t want to deal with the person just then?

In this day and age, people are much more likely to respond to a text or PM. How many times have you answered a text message from someone who’s call you would have ignored. Then again, there are still those few who prefer a phone call to all this “confounded technology”. How do you reach all of them?

Solution reach has the capability of reaching out on all channels to get your message through, but also answered! This is the key feature that got me so excited about the product.

Good reviews in volume on the number one doctor referral site

I had to include this one here because I am so excited about it. This one is a home run in my book. Everyone is concerned with online reviews these days. Have you ever freaked out over one bad Yelp or Google review? If you have, you are not alone. This is a common issue and is a bone of contention for most practice owners.

SR seemlessly integrates with Health Grades but also does so much more. It has features that allow you to survey your patients and get them to write reviews. More importantly, it helps you find out the issues and correct them BEFORE the reviews hit the internet, cutting down on bad reviews. Having great reviews on Heath Grades greatly assists the practice in its growth. Many doctors never get to find that out first hand because of their lack of feedback from patients. SR handles this with one function. And, yes, it’s all automated.

Before you contact Solution Reach, contact me to get in touch with Monika so you can grill her all about her experience with the product…

That’s right. Monika has agreed to talk to anyone, local or not, to answer any questions. So before you make contact with the company, talk to someone who knows. She and I will help you evaluate your situation and speculate on how you may win with it or if it may be a good fit for you and your situation, and whether or not the product will work out for you personally.

Three Ways You Can Reach Out to Find Out More and Assess Your Potential Gains

First, you can always check it out directly and compare it to your current practice scenario, getting a prediction of what to expect in terms of fast and direct results. All you need to do is click here to set up a product demo directly.

Secondly, you can schedule a 15-minute mini-consult call directly with me if you want to speak with a third party, someone who doesn’t work directly with SR. Click the button below and pick a date and time to speak:
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Or just contact me now at or call/text directly at (845) 857-9418 to cash in on the perks and get some free advice on using SR to boom your practice growth!