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Get MD’s to Do Screenings and Send You Day 1’s…

SKILL & ABILITY ATTAINED: A doctor and CA who can enlighten doctors on the workability, usefullness and power of chiropractic care, convince them of the benefits of an integrative approach to common patients and stimulate a steady stream of patient referrals from them on the long term.

TRAINING FOR: A practice owner or lead associate, and one or more assistants

This is how to create sold referrals by teaching other doctors and wellness pros to screen and recommend an initial consult with you, convert them to patients and maintain the relationship with the doctor to stimulate more referrals.

MD Referral Machine Training Includes*:

  • Reference MaterialsAudio Lectures, Videos, Live Online Coaching
  • Script-Free SystemLearn to create an MD Referral Machine including:
    • MD Referral System Overview and Orientation
    • Strategies to approach getting through to choice doctors
    • Get yourself introduced to doctors without having to cold call
    • Gain agreement from doctors to meet with you for an hour
    • Preparing all facets of a 1 hr presentation for doctor and staff
    • Presenting a persuasive lecture for the doctor that captures interest
    • Hacks to using reports to attract even more referrals
    • Create and maintain a relationship with doctor support staff
    • Continuous follow-up and communication ensuring steady referral stream
  • Replay ON-Demand – Coaching sessions are recorded and available for replay
  • Unlimited Coaching** – Flat fee covers unlimited time to master each tool
  • 5 Hrs Strategic Implementation – Upon system mastery

*NOTE: The True Screening Process is prerequisite to The MD Referral Machine program. **”Unlimited denotes limitless hours until master of program achieved.

Mastering the MD Referral Machine You Will Be Able to:

  • Create residual streams of patients from multiple community doctors…
  • Organize, strategize and run an effective doctor referral campaign;
  • Debug past failed campaigns…
  • Close doctors on the program…
  • Calculate anticipated returns, budgeting, etc….
  • Find the key and ideal demographic doctor types, primed for referral…
  • Avoid and eliminate disinterest among referring doctors…
  • Educate MD’s in an exact proper way that interests them in referring
  • Tap a resource connected to your office that can reveal doctor leads
  • Master doctor leads prospecting and generating…
  • Maintain, foster and ideally run a referral relationship once gained…
  • Maximize referrals from each…
  • Increase volume of PI cases if desired

If you had the idea that MD’s are your enemy, think again. If they are not playing ball with you, there is something you’re not doing…

In mid 2012, Frank Sardella met Julianna Owens, a former co-practice-owner who, as partner with a chiropractor, ran the business end of things for the practice including marketing and new-patient generation. Among the many successful activities was her knack and ability to on-board new patients via external referral resources – specifically MD’s. Through her enlightenment and networking program, she was able to get MD’s AND their staffs in her practice area to regularly refer patients. Having mastered it, she began to help others.

Doctor Referral Masterclass: Stimulate Volume Medical Patient Referrals | $3500

Frank was so impressed with the system that he brought Julianna on board as a consultant to help develop her successful techniques into a full-blown, Screening Experts training program with a multi-module course of coaching that hand-walks doctors and staff through the steps to successfully enlighten local MD’s and get them to refer. Using various networking tools, enlightenment techniques and a few other tricks, it is now a step-by-step, plug-and-play program which will get you appointments to start indoctrinating local doctors almost immediately.

The shocker…

Julianna Owens, former practice owner and on whose methods this program is based, had this to say about her experience creating these relationships:

“I found, to my surprise, that the majority of MD’s I have met and now talked with, actually got into practice originally to help. And I mean that the same way we speak of it in Chiropractic. It was stunning and eye-opening to say the least. That’s what ultimately made me go for it and why I believe the program is so successful.”

What you don’t know about MD’s right now is hurting you. What you think you know about them may be covering up one of the biggest practice builders you may ever find.

Why MD-Referred Patients Are Better Than Any Other

Think about it. One of your biggest complaints about patients who attend medical doctors is that they will go along with whatever the doctor tells them. Isn’t that right? Often times this is a good thing. A person may go for diagnostic procedures and find some hidden condition they didn’t know they had. Doctor referrals for diagnostic are often productive. It’s treatment options that throw things askew. This is where you come in.

Having educated MD’s on what it is you do and who you have actually helped, showing evidence that MD’s trust, in their language, you have now given them a treatment option which can enable success where they have failed before.

Why are these the best patients you can have arrive in your office? They were ORDERED by their doctor to be there. And, new patient prospects who come ordered by a doctor they know and trust are way stronger and way less likely to “flake out” than any other arrival to your office. Think about that for a second and see for yourself. You will inevitably find it to be true.

MD’s tend to be the best ‘Screening Experts’ out there and don’t even know it…

What MD’s don’t know is that they are the best chiropractic screeners of all. They are sending you patients who are on the prime rung of the Lifetime Patient Ladder. Doctors also practice the True Screening Process naturally. The medical profession has been utilizing the screening process to great result for many years without using sales pitches, hard sell or any other incentive. It is on this model that Frank Sardella based The True Screening Process Training module and why he insists it be a prerequisite to MD referral training.

MD’s, naturally using this process, produce some of the best-qualified new patient prospects you have ever had arrive in your office – yes, they are also the most likely to ARRIVE therefore. And you didn’t have to screen a single candidate to make any of it happen.


Call (845) 219-1101…

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  • to have specific questions answered
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  • to see if you and your practice qualify for this training

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