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Screenings: What Is the Best Time of Year to Do Them?

Did you know screening results can be better just by time of year?

That’s right. This is something that you know already, just not in this context. Just as sure as people go on vacation during Summer or tend to miss appointments during Christmas week, they can be counted upon to come in for an eval at certain times of year over others. Screenings do have seasons!

What season is THE screening season?

Just as the holiday season brings a spike in retail sales, so does the “screening season” bring a spike in screening results. That season? Fall!

Yes, there is a time of year when there is a surge of interest, a Black Friday of screening activity if you will. And, your chances of getting new patients from screenings and other events more than double. Why?

Use-them-or-lose-them benefits

You may not know it but, the last 2-3 months of the year are crucial. Benefits which go unused are now in danger of expiring. Dentists know this because, unlike Chiropractic, people instinctively know to go to the dentist twice per year. This never guarantees their attendance however and Dentists, knowing this, promote using up Health Spending account and insurance benefits unused throughout the rest of the year.

It’s not just the benefits, it’s the plan…

Another crucial thing to know that makes this a more effective screening season is “open enrollment” for insurance. November is a typical time of year that employees of corporations can opt out and change over to various other plan choices. This is an opportunity to┬áinfluence the selection of plans which may better cover them for wellness care. There are many possibilities.

Get out there in October, November and December

This is, perhaps, the most important time of year to do screenings. As you can see, the potential for new patients and even influence over better plan choices is at a high mark over any other time of year. More urgency exists between using benefits before losing them, and choosing plans wisely to achieve wellness.

Your results can be better, if only going out this time of year to do them is all you change. And, while it isn’t the ultimate in screening results enhancement, it is a great start and can get some amazing cases going! Go out and get them!