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Find Best Screening Locations and New Patient Hangouts

gate keepersHow do you get past gatekeepers and get into the best screening locations?

It’s clear that you want the best qualified patients and you want them in volume. It is practically common sense that you want to go where qualified people hang out. This makes certain venues, especially corporate employers, very popular for chiropractic screenings but presents a new problem altogether. While you may be able to “read minds” of potential new patients, so-called “gate keepers” tend more to block your entrance, it seems, than welcome it. This is enough to turn anyone off, even the most expert and crafty of screening brokers. How then, do you book killer chiropractic screenings in venues where tons of qualified potential new patients hang out?

Before you ‘get into a company’ you need to get inside the head of the company gatekeeper

Just as the Lifetime Patient Ladder is a metric for mindsets, attitudes and outlooks on health, so is the “Intelligence” Frank Sardella has gathered the stuff of what gate-keepers thoughts and attitudes are made. Getting inside their heads and knowing what they think, what they know and what they choose to believe, it is pretty easy to get somewhere with regard to doing events with and for them and their companies. Frank has taken the attention off you and what you offer, as well as your considerations and assumptions about the person you are addressing, and onto that person’s actual situations and thoughts about it. Learning “what makes this person tick,” you gain a unique insight into how to get in.

It is like knowing all the right answers for the test before the questions are even asked. With full knowledge, the is no need for guesswork, speculation or study. There is neither a need for “cheating” on the test. For you know the subject so well you can answer any question. This is how it is when you know someone that well.

‘Even when running employee wellness programs, gate-keepers were found not to assign any value to what chiropractors do as practitioners,’ recounts Frank from his previous experience, ‘so, selling them on the benefits of chiropractic gets you nowhere…’

Such was Frank’s experience in building up an events company in the mid-90’s where he found that it was a useless waste of time to try and sell chiropractic to these people when they had other, more important problems to deal with. This conclusion led to the discovery of the fact that “importance” and “value” had different meanings.

It matters little what we think is important or valuable to the person we are trying to “sell” on some idea, concept or product. It is what THEY find important or valuable that we must answer up to in the end if we are going to make any progress, let alone get through the front gate. Getting in is the priority!

Here was the key factor that got Frank into scores of corporate venues as well as many other types of locations. Finding out what was important to the gate-keeper and his constituents, as well as what was troubling him was the make-break to getting in. For, knowing this information, it becomes possible to see how you can help with the actual problems they face, without soliciting a single patient. The irony is, when this approach is taken, a torrent of potential patient cases can begin flowing into your office.

Finding and isolating the single most important factor in influencing anyone to let you some speak or screen at their facility – a natural instinct everyone seems to have…

One of the most natural instincts people have is the urge to reciprocate when good will has been received from another, selflessly and without expectation of anything in return. This describes the secret to Frank’s success in booking hundreds of screenings, talks and other events in all manner of venues. By helping solve the real, perceived problems of venue owners and managers, using acts of total good will to provide actually help perceived as valuable, a natural reciprocity was experienced and access was granted to the venue.

Using reciprocity is a precise science and can be done wrong to poor result…You may be thinking, “all I end up doing is doing lots of things for others and get nothing in return. I have tried this before and it just doesn’t work!” Here is the turning point of the whole program.

It turns out that “doing” for others with no direction or connection to the desired reciprocal benefit actually gets you nowhere, as you may well have experienced in the past. The concept of “Reciprocity” Frank discovered and teaches is a very specific, strategic method for getting a venue gate keeper to perceive he is doing you a favor and then giving them your event idea as a reciprocal gesture as a thank-you. It is difficult to describe without oversimplification and is an exact step-by-step procedure.

Get into the venues you want without having to pitch your service or self-promote

Using Frank Sardella’s version of “Reciprocity” you won’t be making cold calls to venues selling screenings, talks or wellness days. You will be providing them in return for something the venue in-charge does for you, after you convince them they have done it. And it is a true-blue, bona fide favor you will receive. It is quite remarkable how simple and powerful a concept it really is if the right steps are taken with each type of venue.

Getting into the right venues takes a bit of strategy on your part and some cleverness too. But these do not to be innate. They can be learned. The precise steps are delineated in the Booking Killer Screenings training by Screening Experts, where you can learn how to get people to do you favors for which you can reciprocate with the event you wanted to do in the first place, and fill your calendar with the awesome, choice venues you want and get the patient cases you deserve.

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