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Chiropractic Screenings Burnout?

chiropractic screenings burnoutChiropractic screenings are a valuable practice-building tool but they can burn you out if you’re not careful!

Too many practice owners have experienced this. They set out to build or rescue a practice and end up burned out from doing so many chiropractic screenings. Of course, screenings are valuable and always will be. For they are the fastest way to get new patients out of any marketing that is available. Face-to-face interaction is key to speed. So, where does the burnout come from? It turns out that Man can not live on chiropractic screenings alone. There must be a balance of marketing activity. All the successful practice owners know this.

Use, don’t abuse, chiropractic screenings and you will be just fine…

Using screenings, you can build a practice from the ground up. You can take a failing practice and turn it around. You can even boost numbers past a certain plateau you can’t seem to get over. Using them in these ways, you can create some pretty drastic effects to the production level of the practice. That is, if you can use them in addition to other basic practice marketing functions. This is use. Abuse comes in when you exclusively rely on them.

What chiropractic marketing functions should you do in addition to screenings?

While there is no blanket statement or cookie-cutter solution, there are some basics that need to be addressed. Growing your practice depends upon more than just screenings for new patients. Internal marketing to keep patients on track with their treatment plans is needed, especially to get them to achieve correction. This means completing their full treatment programs. When patients have been gone a certain amount of months, this means reactivating them. There are many campaigns which can be used to accomplish this end. The guiding principle is “keep in touch.” Newsletters, mailings, birthday cards, invitations to in-office events, anything that keeps them connected up to the practice will help when it comes time to calling them back in.

Other external practice promotion…

Chiropractic screenings are external, new patient promotion. Other types would be use of advertising, SEO and web campaigns, direct mailings and even some social media promotion. All of these things should flank a good screening campaign, especially at times when numbers are down. You want to promote on all fronts in any of these cases, and as many fronts as possible.

Avoiding chiropractic screenings burnout…

Drop the above-named campaign ideas and you are looking at carrying the entire burden on the back of your screening efforts. For the minute you trail off on your screenings or make any changes to your procedure, you will experience a dip in your numbers. Flanking your efforts with other marketing is the best way to avoid the burnout. Relying solely on screenings will burn you out faster than you think.

Knowing how to read people will be of great help to preventing burnout!

One of the best safeguards to preventing burnout is to become an absolute expert at chiropractic screenings. This does not mean a master of scripts. It means a master of reading people and knowing where they stand on the subject of health in general as well as their own. Factually, if you know what people are thinking you will never wonder what to say to convince them of something you want them to do. Coupled with other marketing, this proper use of screenings can be a practice builder, re-builder or key to ultimate success. Try it and see!