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No Scripts or Sales

You’re actually good at sales. So why can’t you close deals outside the clinic?

Sales are made in one place: inside the clinic after your ROF. Use them anywhere outside the clinic and you are no longer a doctor, your are a beggar or, at best, a salesman. And we know how the public feels about salesmen!

What is it you really want form your practice marketing?

Your problem is probably not the selling treatment plans. Let’s face it, once people show up in your office, they’re probably as good as closed. Getting them to show up? Well, that’s a different story.

Your needs are simple. You want…

  • …a flow of referrals visiting your clinic
  • lots of scheduled first day appointments
  • …new patients to actually show up

But, no script seems to make that happen consistently if at all…

The Screening Experts method is simple, quick and easy to implement. Within just minutes,  it:

  • isolates the source of past failed marketing
  • And, why patients no-show on you
  • Plus, what you can to to ensure many interested people walk through your door

In less than a hour you and your staff will learn a basic three step screening procedure…

  • First, learn the basics of what makes interested patient prospects so interested
  • Next, eliminate the thing nearly everyone does to kill prospect interest
  • Then, we send you out to put your new found skills to use
  • Its really that simple!

Chiro marketing has been made into a complexity; so many methods – so little guarantee…

The True Screening Process system by Screening Experts gives you a method you can do immediately without memorizing or endless practicing. Whether screening, doing talks or advertising, here is a method that has as an end result arrivals to your clinic.

Unscripted simplicity |  The True Screening Process by Screening Experts

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