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COACHING: Chiropractic Screening Results

Unique 3-Step Coaching System and Program | Learn, Experience, Evaluate…

Along with developing fundamental principles and tools to get the job done, a unique coaching style is used to get you to learn, retain and actually apply the principles to your own prosperity. I pride myself on my more than two decades of in-the-trenches, on-the-ground experience and observation I used to develop a fundamental procedure for being effective at patient generation. Rather than theories or scripts, I field-tested and perfected actual techniques. I concluded that, to communicate it to others, it would take near-equal experience on a much shorter timeline.

Though I succeeded beyond my own prediction in becoming a screening expert, I initially failed miserably in getting others to apply it to the same result, a problem many have experienced before me.

Once I developed a no-fail method that was getting stellar results, I quickly took to scripting it in my first foray into coaching. The first person who tried to apply it failed. It was a failure for me, as my personal results meant nothing if I was unable to get even a single other to do it the way I did.

I needed to find out what I was doing that I didn’t know I was doing

I, immediately, started looking deeper into my screening method, looking for any nuance, attitude, mindset or mannerism, down to the last thought that crossed my mind. I soon discovered an entire “Screenings Rulebook” which went far beyond any scripted patter. In fact, I discovered so much more of what I was doing to get an effective result, I soon realized the scripted conversation had little, if anything to do with it. That’s when the tools such as the Lifetime Patient Ladder,  True Screening Process and even the reason MD’s refer concepts came into view. It was an evolutionary process.

Quickly my coaching results changed for the better, as did my company slogan to “Unscripted simplicity” denoting both the lack of scripts and the ultimate simplicity that was the screening system when broken down to basics. This was the earliest beggining of “going rogue” and believing in what I observed as opposed to what I was told.

I want my clients to see things through my eyes on a par with how I think, just in the way I look through my prospects’ eyes to motivate them to take action!

It is important to see things through my eyes if you are to truly understand and duplicate my methods, systems and procedures. Scripts are not a way to do this. I found that out the hard way. I want my clients to have the unique experience of viewing things exactly as I do. To do this, they need LIVE EXPERIENCE not the VIRTUAL REALITY of drilling and practice in an office. To think on your feet, you need to BE on your feet!

From this philosophy was developed the totally unique and one-of-a-kind 3-Step Coaching System.

Step 1: Learn the Materials and Philosophy

This is done with the ultimate simplicity. Although most people who go through the training have realizations from the first session, I only ask that you understand the principles and not accept them until you have been able to match them against personal experience. Some of this may occur immediately because of your past experience. Many doctors and staff begin comparing some of the components to past personal experience and find some truth in them and even experience a dramatic change. But the best part is still ahead. To get on a par, you need to have some current, new experience.

Step 2: Experience Them For Yourself

Once all the materials are grasped in the initial coaching calls, no drilling or practice is called-for. I get you to get an event scheduled and have you try the principles out for yourself with specific instructions on how you are to observe what you experience. This is, perhaps, the most enlightening part of the coaching and training program.

Most of the realizations, good or bad, that doctors and staffs experience is in this phase. For it is here that, not only are the truth of the principles experienced first-hand, but personal habits and blocks to doing a perfect screening are discovered. It is quite remarkably eye-opening, to say the least.

This may very well be the key component of this experience-based coaching method.

Most people realize that the barriers to doing screenings lie within themselves and their own misconceptions, ideas and habits, and not with any tools such as scripts or procedures. It is truly a road to self-discovery for each individual and changes are always reported. While some even “strike out” on this step in terms of results, the realizations of what needs to be changed and how this method can help come streaming in. The reports of personal growth to follow are inspirational. And there are lots of such personal growth stories.

This makes it a very custom-tailored program. It becomes an experience of personal growth and inspiration followed by increased confidence and skill, which inevitably happens during this journey of self-discovery.

Step 3: Evaluate Your Experience and Modify Your Personal Actions

After the first, personal experience, it’s back to the virtual coaching room for an on-par look at what was learned. Once step 2 is completed, it opens the door to absolute mastery of the method. You are now speaking on a par with your coach, viewing each principle exactly how it was evolved: from observation. Only it didn’t take you 20 years to master like it did me. Based on the experiences of many past clients, it may not even take you 20 minutes to realize.

A hands-on, 1-2-3 approach to unscripted simplicity and success. When you know what people are thinking you ALWAYS know what to do or say!

The Rogue Screener’s “True Screening Process” experiential coaching program is like no other in its content and training method. Based on live experience, it is a system and a way of thinking, as well as a method of predicting behaviors and actions in others, focused on them instead of you, which provides you a system of how to “think on your feet” and not eternally have to keep asking your coach, “what about when they say this? What about when they say that? What do I do when the prospect says so-and-so?”

When you know what people are thinking, you always know what to say.

A complement to ANY other coaching program you are using. It can even revive ineffective ones…

One of the observations about the Rogue Screener’s True Screening Process Coaching Program is that it may revive prior marketing systems which were found ineffective or to not have worked. Many systems purchased by practice owners which are collecting dust on a shelf in the back room, suddenly become usable.

This program, therefore, is not a trump of other programs and does not belittle the efforts and methods of other coaches who have developed programs they personally found successful. It does, however, make those other programs come to life when the fundamentals of what a real screening is are known and used.

This fills in the gaps and makes any worthwhile marketing materials useful. It makes relevant the seemingly obsolete in many cases by actual experience. Many of my coaching clients have previously purchased other systems and I work dilligently to make them usable and relevant. Why settle for wasted money when you can make the valueless valuable once again?

Become so self-motivated you become accountable to yourself, and an asset to any practice you run or work for!

This program helps achieve the personal growth required to build and grow practices but it does so much more. Many doctors and staff, in their struggle with all of this, feel there is something wrong with their motivation or work ethic. Nothing can be further from the ultimate truth. For the self-confidence that comes with being able to talk to anyone and confidently speak with them and convince them to take a next-step, completely assured they will arrive in the office to find out more, is unshakable. The work ethic is no longer an issue. You can’t wait to screen the next individual and you will find yourself bringing more and more prospects into the practice to become patients. It’s almost automatic.

This is how you go from being “responsible to pull your own weight” or “accountable for your actions (or inaction)” to being a total asset to the practice, an investment in its future and an invaluable tool to its ultimate growth to achieve and exceed its goals.

My secret plan is to accomplish my Chiropractic mission by getting as many people through my program as possible.

I started with a mission and vision and decided that going into coaching was not just a career choice. As a Chiropractic advocate, it would help my forward my goals for planetary wellness.

You may think I am only in this to help you. The truth is I have ulterior motives. My goal to advocate the profession on a planetary scale and to make global changes in wellness through higher and more prevalent innate intelligence can only be accomplished through the achievement of stellar expansion of all chiropractors everywhere.

This was my inspiration to crack the code of the new patient prospect, to get inside the head of the screening venue gate-keeper, and to know how to get medical doctors on board to refer us unlimited patient cases. And, with a totally-effective method to get you doing those exact things and winning, my goal would be accomplished. That means we all win!

Getting these ends accomplished means getting the peoples of Earth to climb a ladder

Find out just how I get chiropractors and CA’s to climb the Lifetime Patient Ladder.

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