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Marketing Simplicity

How About an Inexpensive Simple, Unscripted System That Works?

Chiropractic Marketing Complexity: It’s Everywhere

  • Did you purchase expensive, scripted programs to no apparent result?
  • Do they all seem the same?
  • Are they all now collecting dust on a shelf in your back room?
  • How do you get the results you intended and paid for?
  • How do you keep the results despite staff turnover?
  • How do you keep from paying for costly blocks of consulting?
  • How can you spend less and get more?

Well, how about…

  • …a logical system that doesn’t require scripts?
  • …something that applies to screenings, talks and advertising alike?
  • …something that works in print or face-to-face to create interest?
  • …or sparks word-of-mouth the likes you’ve never seen?
  • Or, how about something proven to make more people schedule
  • Or, most importantly, SHOW UP?

Well, out of a sea of complexity comes a wave of simplicity…

Introducing Screening Experts 4.0. a low-cost, quick-start, unscripted new-patient recruitment program by Screening Experts.

Here is a logical, organized system that’s a snap to learn and requires no memorization, practicing or even study.

Once you know it…you know it!

And here’s the kicker: it doesn’t interfere with your other consulting and coaching programs – it complements them!

Now you can train your staff to screen or market the way you do, maybe even better than you do.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on marketing and you certainly don’t need a lot of time. You can get results instantly with this system and you don’t even have to memorize a single script to do it.

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