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samscreeningLevel One | The True Screening Process Chiropractic Screening System

SKILL & ABILITY ATTAINED: A doctor, CA or patient who can interest people in finding out more about what may be causing their conditions and get them to visit the clinic to find out.

Practice owners are clamoring for new patients, especially in this climate and, particularly, during a slump, slow period or outright crash.

Screenings (in that they are an immediate, face-to-face opportunity to get patients) are the fastest way to reverting or building visit volume and increasing income. If not utilized properly, they also can be the fastest route to burnout.

Half of this “burnout” phenomenon is found to be in the very violation of what Frank Sardella discovered to be The True Screening Process. Chiropractic professionals, having turned this successful medical practice into a sales pitch, easily become burned out, understandably not wanting to “do sales” and go out and “beg for patients” while feeling degraded all the while.

The other half is the sheer overwhelm of having constantly to speak face-to-face with prospective new patients, one at a time, for ever and ever, without any mass marketing campaigns flanking or backing up your efforts. A good balance is needed but the concept of a screening is part and parcel to any practice marketing tool, including the likes of online marketing, social media, mailings, etc.

This module is to advance the novice or even experienced Chiropractic screener or marketer to the Screening Expert level. It is not only geared toward practices run by doctors who wish to use screenings as a primary practice marketing tool, it is for anyone who wishes to market a practice anywhere, using any medium.

The True Screening Process Covers Concepts, Attitudes and Reactions and Does Not Rely On Any Scripting Whatsoever

There are three basic chiropractic screening concepts most often overlooked or unknown that can deflate the interest of a new patient prospect. When you are speaking to someone live, you can gauge effectiveness by the reaction of the person in front of you. These reactions can not only be measured, they have a sequence and a relationship to each other as well as the decision-making power of the prospect himself. Yes, there is a gauge of when the prospect is “cooked” enough to make an appointment he will actually keep, when he is too “undercooked” to do so, and even when he is “overcooked” at which time he “uncloses” and his interest level plummets.

1-1266409857RRS3This Program Is Based On a Patient Referral View and Not That of a Doctor

Only patients have the power to refer, not doctors per se. This does not mean a doctor cannot effectively refer patients to himself or to the practice he works for, especially utilizing chiropractic screenings. It does mean that times when he is “being” a doctor vs times when he is not being one (rather being of a successful patient mindset) make the difference between an empty appointment book and a “standing room only” waiting room.

Based on 2 Decades of In-The-Trenches Chiropractic Screenings Experience on Thousands of Prospects

Frank Sardella literally screened and referred thousands of prospective new patients to arrive in chiropractors’ clinics for Day 1 consults, who have, in turn, become patients. This was done through being able to “read” prospect signals and know their mindsets, being able to shift them into more optimum ones and getting their interest piqued just enough to not only make an appointment, but to show up as well. Out of this was developed the 17-step “Lifetime Patient Ladder” and the 10-Step True Screening Process as well as the “Recruiter Mania” training which gets volumes of prospects to participate in screenings, a primary weakness found in those attempting the chiropractic screenings route to practice marketing and growth.

The Lifetime Patient Ladder

Frank Sardella discovered at one point in his career that scripts didn’t work across the board because people, at any given moment, were fixedly in one or another state of mind on the subject of their health and how they handled it. He found that chiropractic screenings, if they were to be uniformly effective, needed to respond to and be able to shift such states of mind. None were found to be permanently fixed, except in minimal “extreme” cases, and could be shifted along a sequential path to states more ideal to be interested and make a decision to take a desired action. (i.e. make and keep an appointment for a consult).

Out of this, the Lifetime Patient Ladder was born. Taking both the lowest state of mind of observed prospects and the highest of the best lifetime patients, he filled in the points in between resulting in a 17-step metric tool for measuring up prospects as to their readiness to “close” on an appointment and keep it by arriving in the office. After all, the true result or end product of chiropractic screenings would be an arrival to the clinic, interested to find out more, NOT a new patient or even just someone who makes an appointment. These follow the actual arrival and are secondary. Making this key distinction was what revolutionized the entire screening process.

Unscripted Success!

This program features NO SCRIPTING and hones skills, rather, to “crawl inside the head of” prospective new patients, giving the screener the edge of knowing just how to convince that particular person to take action. And it doesn’t even require talking about chiropractic care itself!

Training Includes:

    • REFERENCE MATERIALS – Audio Lectures, Videos, Live Online Coaching
    • UNSCRIPTED SYSTEM – Learn the True Screening Process including:
      • MODULE 1: The True Screening Process Orientation
      • MODULE 2: The Lifetime Patient Ladder
      • MODULE 3: 10-Step Chiropractic Screenings Procedure Orientation
      • MODULE 4: Working In Volume – Recruiter Training
      • MODULE 5: Screening Basics and Screening Jumpstart Technique
      • MODULE 6: Interview, Screening and Testing Tactics
      • MODULE 7: Gauging Prospect Readiness for Close
      • MODULE 8: Getting Appointments Without Need for Sales-Type Close
    • REPLAY ON-DEMAND – Coaching sessions are recorded and available for replay
    • UNLIMITED* COACHING – Flat fee covers unlimited time to master each tool
    • 5 HRS STRATEGIC COACHING – Upon system mastery
    • Adaptation to your wellness demographic (i.e. PT, Massage, Weight Loss, Acupuncture, etc.)

*”Unlimited” denotes limitless hours spent to achieve mastery of concepts only.

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