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corporate-screenings-3Level Two | Your Practice Survival Guide

SKILL & ABILITY ATTAINED: A doctor or CA who can convince venue managers, owners, executives and “gate keepers” to allow an event at their facility where screenings of qualified prospects can be conducted with their full permission and endorsement.

Chiropractic Screenings Techniques and Skills Mean Way Less If You Have Nowhere to Go. Learn to Book Killer Screenings…

Once again, it has been found that scripted approaches to finding venues for chiropractic screenings venues don’t always work and can present further difficulties. A much more honest, up-front approach is taken. Gatekeepers, managers and owners can make it quite difficult for you to “get in” to screen their customers, members, employees, etc.

If you think getting their employees, customers or members under chiropractic care is of direct benefit to them, you have missed the point entirely!

Venue operators, managers and owners HAVE NO INTEREST in their staffs, clients, members of customers “getting well” through the benefits of Chiropractic. While this is an indirect benefit to them, and can improve their business on the long term, it is not a priority or something they are interested in. In fact, as a business owner or manager, they are likely “under the gun” for many other reasons. You as a practice owner, associate, manager, or CA should realize, owning or working in a business yourself, that there are many areas of stress in running the business end of things. This goes far beyond what you may have heard a coach say regarding “morale” or “employee wellness” or “good will” as even these things, of late, are not a priority for those in charge.

You need to learn what motivates those in charge and figure out how you are going to be able to address them and give direct help and benefit to the venue before even getting invited to do an event on their premises.

corporate-screenings-4You need to gather ‘intelligence’ on the businesses to whom you are seeking to connect and with whom you would like to do events on-site

There are two terms you will learn with the screening experts program:

INTELLIGENCE: This is information on people, positions, attitudes and motivations of company representatives which will help you “get inside the head” of those who hold the gate key to your entrance to their facility. Most of the intelligence you will get is from years of experience working with corporations, health clubs, retail stores, banks, schools, etc. and learning some common denominators of what makes these people tick and what motivates them.

RECON: This is the work you will do with the specific venues in your area to find out what titles, names and functions each venue has assigned and to whom. Whereas the Intelligence phase is the work Frank Sardella has done to give you an idea of who you are dealing with, Recon is the on-the-ground research work you will do to find out who specifically handles these things. Together, you will be able to know exactly who to talk to and what to say.

This training emphasizes 6 major screening venues including health clubs, corporations, retail stores, supermarkets, banks, schools and more!

You will learn from nearly 2 decades of real-life experience in the corporate health and wellness arena and be trained by a coach who has dealt with the biggest and the best.

Training Includes:

    • REFERENCE MATERIALS – Audio Lectures, Videos, Live Online Coaching
    • UNSCRIPTED SYSTEM – Learn Killer Screening Venue Booking techniques:
      • MODULE 01: Reciprocity and the art of Killer Venue Booking
      • MODULE 02: Jumpstarting Your Screening Schedule
      • MODULE 03: Having an Abundance of Prospective Venues
      • MODULE 04: Frequency of Screenings and Calculating Results
      • MODULE 05: Mastering Health Clubs (Gyms, Martial Arts, Yoga, etc.)
      • MODULE 06: Dominating Corporate Screening Venues
      • MODULE 07: Accessing Retail (Box stores, wholesale clubs, etc.)
      • MODULE 08: Getting Into Supermarkets (including Whole Foods)
      • MODULE 09: Connecting With Banks and Credit Unions
      • MODULE 10: Working With School Districts
      • MODULE 11: 3 Folder Event Management System
    • REPLAY ON-DEMAND – Coaching sessions are recorded and available for replay
    • UNLIMITED COACHING* – Flat fee covers unlimited time to master each tool
    • 5 HRS STRATEGIC COACHING – Upon system mastery
    • BONUS WEBINAR ACCESS – Shortcuts and Back Doors to Free Screenings

*Unlimited denotes limitless coaching until mastery is achieved.

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