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Get “Home Field Advantage” with Screenings On Your Turf!

If You’re Not Getting 150 New People Through Your Door a Month, Watch the Video Below!

Is practice just putt-putting along with no real growth? Have you tried marketing gimmicks that worked and petered out? You need to try the Trivectar program. I am doing it myself! Now you can to and start:

  • Marketing and producing massive traffic without a massive outlay
  • Keep your promotion from getting “watered down” by competition
  • Dominate your category and leave the competition in the dust
  • Have staff who are just as on-purpose as you, 24/7
  • Get instant results that produce immediate referrals
  • More than double your case average in cash collections or more.

You can do it too. Watch the video and then schedule an appointment with me to talk about how you can start it NOW in your practice. You’ll be SHOCKED at how easy it will be to implement and how fast you will get the new bodies in your shop and collecting on their cases too boot, in more than one capacity!

470 New Patient Arrivals in 13 Weeks? Watch this video to see how to make it happen!

Check out the amazing things Trivectar is doing for practices, including mine! Yes, I am doing this too! Watch this video to find out how!

After watchting this seminar, make an appointment to discuss how it would look in your practice1

Schedule a 15 minute consult with me to see how this model could fit your situation in your area, and then set up a time to talk directly to the innovators over at Trivectar!

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