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Dash 99: Supercharge Practice Marketing

SCORE!!! Dash 99 Makes ALL Practice Marketing Work In Unison, Even If You Do It All Yourself!

It is with great pride that I pre-release to you Dash 99, a marketing dashboard that is done in a FREE APP you can download that I set up completely for you, and even can monitor to help you better analyze, track and run your marketing, and even organize the rest of your practice and life too!

In fact, the first client I put onto it organized her entire life and the practice she works for in just the next 24 hours or so, praising what it did for her personally and for the office!

Get Your Dashboard Set Up Now! | $99 (one-time fee)

After you sign up, be sure to schedule your 1-hour, Dash99 hub set-up session.
Click here to schedule your Dash99 Hub Set-up session

What 99 Bucks Gets You…

When you sign up for Dash 99, you’re making a very small commitment for me to organize your marketing into a dashboard you can use, your staff can join and through which everyone can coordinate every project. I will:

  • Get you to download the free app
  • Give you immediate access to the project
  • Catalogue all your marketing programs
  • Organize them into an easy project-management form
  • Get all your relevant staff to join
  • Give you advice on how to use it for everything else!

So for 99 bucks you not only get organized, you’ll likely find bonuses such as:

  • Organize all marketing efforts
  • Never let any campaign slip through the cracks
  • Manage networking to the last detail
  • Spend less time and have everything more organized
  • Collaborate with staff
  • Make your marketing more efficient and effective
  • Find wasted money and stop wasting it!
  • Maybe find 1000 bucks like I did! Who knows?

Still Not Convinced? Let Me Help You Assess Your Situation and Predict Results

You can schedule a personal 20-min Demo call with me here:

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