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Chiropractic Screenings Miracle Not on 34th Street

Did I ever tell you about my chiropractic screenings miracle?

Here is a story of hope, perseverance and unwillingness to fail. This is the story of the day I first represented a client and experienced a “nightmare before Christmas” at a holiday craft fair. This is the story of how I turned a no-win situation into a total win. How I set a new standard you should hold when you or, especially, your staff are confronted with similar circumstances. This is the prime example of how to approach chiropractic screenings.

The screening was at a holiday craft fair. Sounds great, right?

When the chiropractor first called me to represent his practice, it was November. His local church was putting on a holiday craft fair on Thanksgiving weekend. Since it was Saturday, and not Black Friday, I thought it would be safe enough to do. I made it a habit to advise any client hiring me to do chiropractic screenings to advise the client if it was worth it to do. Some events may not yield enough result to justify a certain amount of expenditure. I was thinking, “Holiday craft fair? At a church? I can’t lose!” Try to picture what I was thinking? Quilts and crafts for miles and a sea of people shopping around. I had done screenings at craft fairs successfully before.

What do you do when no one shows up?

In my coaching, I always emphasize that clients do not accept excuses from screeners that “no one was there” or “it was dead” allowing them to get away with poor results. There is no such thing as a poorly attended chiropractic screening in my world. Except, this time, only 6 people showed up. There were only about 10 vendors, including me, and 6 people walked through the event all day. You can imagine what was going through my mind. First day for a new client and this is the impression I would leave? Would I too make excuses? I was unwilling.

My standards kicked in and a miracle was created

At that very moment I had a decision to make. Do I report back that it was a “bad event” or do I make it go off somehow and get appointments any way I can. I sized up both outcomes and realized that the latter felt a great deal better. Conscience-wise, I would know I gave it my all. A bad day was unacceptable. So, I began walking around starting conversations with each vendor, making friends and finding out what they do. I then walked each vendor over to my booth, in turn, and did a screening test on them using my SAM unit. It was amazing. I screened almost about 10 people and booked 6 appointments that day. Think about it. I went 6 for 16 at least that day. And not every one of the 6 patrons walked by my aisle. So my results were even better.

Good chiropractic screenings come down to your resolve and hinge on a single decision

You may not realize it but there is a simplicity about this situation. And, you can use it to drive and motivate those who do screenings for you such as associates or marketing CA’s. And if you are one of them, this realization can help you too. It all comes down to a single decision as to whether or not you are strong enough to get in there and pitch. To not settle for little or no results and to make things happen no matter the circumstance. I have done screenings practically everywhere and have experienced hundreds of scenarios. I can tell you from direct experience, not one time would it have been justified to come home with nothing. This “Christmas miracle” is a case in point in that regard. There is no reason you can’t make something happen.

The good news is that, although it is harder work and takes some doing, this scenario leaves you with such an amazing feeling of accomplishment and power. It is this attitude that separates those who will succeed from those who will fail and move on to something else. But it is this that will prove, in the end, that, if you want it, you can make it happen, no matter your perceived skill level. It’s a proven fact.

Go prove it to yourself!

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