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Black Friday Deals!

DOORBUSTER DEAL #1: BroadcastWellness Audio Podcast and Patient Recruitment Package Black Friday Deal, One Day Only! Save more than

Get two of my top programs to become the voice inside people’s heads, screen and recruit them too. This Black-Friday-Only deal will only happen once and grants access to a one-two punch, super-explosive program for less than 50% of doing it otherwise!

Be the voice inside their heads and direct them to follow your recommendations.

With the Pod 20+ You Get:

  • Personal and Show Branding Package – show theme song, opening and closing credits with professional voiceover
  • Episodes – 20 Recorded, edited, published and distributed, 20-30 minute episodes of your show
  • Format Coaching – get yourself an on-air personality you didn’t even know you had within you and sharpen your interview skills
  • Conversion Coaching – how to screen via the airwaves and convert listeners into referral resources and even patients!
  • Show Promotion – coaching program, tip sheets, social media and internet promotion guidance, mailing list leveraging as well as listing in iTunes and several other online formats, even in YouTube!

The True Screening Process Screening Mastery Program with my Lifetime Patient Ladder Interest Evaluation and Enhancement method includes:

  • Live Orientation and Kickstart – Full orientation sessions for the True Screening Process and Lifetime Patient Ladder Interest Assessment and Boosting tool.
  • Training – Full Access to the True Screening Process Library of Video Training Sessions on the entire process from beginning to end.
  • The Screening Tapes – Access to my library of audio lectures I created to give you the finer details of what goes on inside people’s heads at various stages of the process and how to stay one step ahead of them all the way through and guide them toward what you want them to do.
  • Live Situational and Experiential Coaching – Sessions scheduled online where practical results are discussed, tweaked and improved, all leading to full mastery.

The Broadcast Wellness Pod 20+ Regular Pricing | $3,500, but you won’t pay that…

Normally priced out at an already discounted rate, with prices going up in 2019, you won’t pay even close to this pricing in this package because…

The True Screening Process Regular Pricing | $3,500, but you won’t pay that…

For the number of patients you can close in a very short time, times the case $ average per patient, this will pay for itself a number of times over very quickly, an already amazing pricing. But…

You Get the True Screening Process FREE! That’s 50% OFF both!

That’s right! Just for signing on with the BroadcastWellness Pod 20+ package, and taking your screening process to the airwaves, I am rewarding you with the True Screening Process, in all its glory and effectiveness, absolutely FREE! You and your staff are about to crush it with this deal that will surely never happen again.

This Black Friday Only, Sign Up for This Practice Door-Buster DEAL Now!

Sign up for my signature Broadcast Wellness Audio Podcast Start-up 20+ package AND get my True Screening Process training package FREE!

$3500 | for the two services plus the extra perks below | Overall a $7,500 value!

But wait, there’s more! I want to make this irresistible so check out what else I will give you…

If you sign up and grab one of the limited Black Friday packages (and there are only a few I can do at this pricing), you will also cash in on the following:

  • Screening Event Finding┬áTraining – Access to “Shortcuts and Back Doors to FREE Screenings and Talks ANYWHERE, 90-minute video training which has dozens of shortcuts to bypass gatekeepers and get to work to get in virtually anywhere, networking your way around your community, even with the help of community members!
  • 3 Phases of Doubling Your Practice – Get a copy of my popular eGuide “3 Phases of Doubling Your Practice” and get the practice growth index of your practice figured out and learn the formula to triple or more, just from existing resources you have at your fingertips!
  • Marketing Delegation Guide – Get a copy of my “How to Hire, Motivate and Pay Chiropractic Marketing Assistants” eGuide to help you with the delegation process and mitigate any difficulties you have had in the past with regard to motivating, bonusing and, yes, getting ample production out of those you assign to the task.
  • Hiring Coaching Session – Hiring is hard enough but finding someone to represent your clinic is a higher degree of difficulty for sure. Get a 30-minute coaching call on your situation, troubleshooting and advice.

Now is your chance to get it with my signature “True Screening Process” training for your entire staff! That means the entire coaching module is FREE! As of January 2019, pricing for the Pod 20+ alone goes up to $4,500. So now is the time!

This is your chance to screen and convert the masses with the help of a screening and audio podcasting expert who developed the successful True Screening Process. Don’t miss it!

DOORBUSTER DEAL #2: Get My Intense, 4-Session Cold Call Conversion Training Privately for the Group Price!

For this Black Friday only, get this intense training for all your staff, but attend at your convenience and ONLY with your staff. The group training is $250 and the private version is $350, but for one day only, get the private sessions for just $250. Here is the explainer video of what you get…

Arrival Mania Training Private Session | $250 (Regular $350)

Select the group $250 version and automatically get the training privately!

Select An Option

DOORBUSTER DEAL #3: Screenings via Email! SUBSCRIPTION WEEKLY LEAD AND PATIENT MAILINGS! Launch and Black Friday Doorbuster Deal, Half Price!

This new service is being launched on December 1st, 2018 and is my next evolution in my advocacy of the profession. I can’t screen for all of you, but I can screen everyone through mass mailings, and even reactivate old patients too! I am going to write the content for you and you just make sure it gets to your database.

With this service you get:

  • My True Screening Process put to use through email
  • My Lifetime Patient Ladder put to use with Leads and Inactive Patients
  • My systems taught to current and inactive patients to stimulate referrals
  • Weekly Chiropractic benefits advocacy email publication
  • A third-party, miracle patient speaking on behalf of all Chiropractors
  • Up to 8 mailings per month*

Get this Doorbuster Deal for the Dec 1 Launch and Get 2 for 1 for 6 Months and the Introductory Pricing!

The launch price is $15/month per formatted mailing (i.e. leads-type vs patient-type pieces). Now you can get both, that’s 2 mailings, 1 to each of 2 lists, for the single list launch price of $15!

Just select the “Black Friday” option off the menu below and hit “subscribe”. Enter your credit card info, or log in to PayPal (whichever you prefer) and you’re all set to get ME screening for YOU every week and even reactivating and stimulating referrals too!

Select an option

*Depends upon which package is chosen and how many versions need to be created for various lists (i.e. active/inactive vs leads)

Limited Number Available! Expires 24 Nov 2019 @ 12:01am

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