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Getting MD’s to Do Screenings for You!

julWhat if you could train MD’s to screen potential new patients for you?

At one point, I realized I had my own area of expertise. But I soon discovered I had another talent: corralling top professionals to create a combined, synergistic benefit. Discovering I would never be expert in all practice marketing areas, I began looking for those who were the best at what THEY did.

Meet Julianna Owens, former practice owner and MD referral generator

Former Chiropractic practice owner, Julianna had fast become expert at persuading MD’s to refer patients. Her intense purpose to help others achieve wellness-based lifestyles shines through in her doctor and staff coaching where she is highly motivational and effective in getting other practice owners to succeed. Her program was so successful, I enlisted her help to develop her method into a step-by-step, coachable program. It now stands as one of the premiere training modules offered by Screening Experts.

Communicating with MD’s is very revealing. You CAN get them to refer patients!

One of the key factors that impressed me about Julianna was her view on MD’s themselves. Casting aside all hearsay and rumor, she went out and spoke with numerous doctors, concluding that the majority of them got into medicine for the same reasons most chiropractors got into the profession: a desire to help. She found that MD’s really wanted to help and thought medicine would assist them to help others. She also found them slightly disillusioned and off-purpose. Drugs and surgery are not the end-all of answers. And they are hungry for new solutions. She found them quite receptive to chiropractic when it was presented in a language they speak and understand. She learned how to speak their language and get through. And that is the success of the MD Referral Machine program.

The ultimate secret to MD referrals: Speak the right language

It isn’t even the result you get that influences an MD (or his staff) to refer or not. The results are a given. If you don’t speak his language, you will never have the opportunity. So, in a manner of speaking, the key is to the front door, not the back office. And, it turns out, the key is actually under the mat if you just pick it up and have a look. Speaking an MD’s language is how you acquire access to it.

Think about it. Have you ever experienced the full brunt of a PI case in court? Have you had to testify? Did you prepare narratives used as evidence? Have you even made recorded notes for billing purposes and legal record? Is the language the same as what you use with your staff and patients? It never is. You are speaking an entirely different language. And, as you have likely experienced, if you mis-speak, you lose.

This is no different with an MD. He has a very specific language he speaks. He will accept everything you have to say. It actually aligns with what he does. But it is as though you are each speaking Greek and Russian, respectively. You are talking about the same thing but cannot understand each other. It is quite a twisted affair and ironic as heck to boot.

Learn the language and have a long-lasting, productive conversation.

Just like Julianna did, you can master and learn the language of MD’s. It is not a hard language to understand. First, you must understand what makes an MD tick, what he knows and how he views cases. Just that alone is key to a great deal of his banter. Once you discover this, you will know exactly how to communicate and will undoubtedly find out how easy it actually is to stimulate a steady stream of referrals from him AND his staff.

The possibilities for patient referral generation are endless as are the case types you will continue to enlighten your MD’s on, stimulating even more cases referred. Like Julianna, you will have set up a practice feeder line with all the financial benefits as well as made a few unlikely friends whose company you actually enjoy to your surprise.

Learn, master and apply The MD Referral Machine. Or, Call (845) 219-1101 for specific questions or more information on how to train with Frank Sardella directly. Frank can be reached directly via email at

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