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The True New Patient Screening Process

Another rogue discovery I made was that the Chiropractic profession had bastardized a successful medical screening method into a sales pitch.

All those years of searching for closing lines, ultimate scripts, sales techniques and troubleshooting were spent on a wrong target. Medicine was already providing very successful screenings to the pubic without any scripts or direct sales pitches. In fact, it is rather soft-sell in nature and very indirect. But, it works so well for them and creates infinite business for medical doctors and purveyors of pharmaceutical drugs. Yet chiropractors, borrowing this model, turned it into a sales pitch for special “offers” and hard-sell pitches.

Why screenings make you feel degraded…

The cliche complaint from doctors about having to perform screenings is that they feel degraded sitting out in public “begging for patients” when medical doctors simply hang out a shingle and get all the patients they need.

Truthfully, anyone using a script and a sales pitch should feel a little degraded. We mock pharmaceutical companies for shamelessly pitching the public on the wonders of their medicines. Why shouldn’t we feel just a little ashamed by such tactics when we utilize them to our own ends, far nobler they may be than the pharma sham?

A health screening is a simple test for warning signs with no sales pitch at the end

Real screenings test for warning signs of a condition and end with a recommendation for follow-up. That’s all they do. They are responsible for millions of dollars made per year by the medical profession done just this way. You never see someone offering a special deal on surgery when a few red flags are found. A recommendation for follow-up with a qualified physician without discussion of fees is all that is offered. Nothing more.

Chiropractors are not salesmen

At some point, chiropractors decided that you must sell someone on coming in. This was found to be because of a lack of ability to get someone to take a desired next step. There was no inflation of interest in the prospect sufficient to get them to act. So offers and pitches were offered to them to entice them into action. What I discovered is that it is yet possible to get people to take action by adhering to the original successful principles of a True Screening Process, the steps of which can be learned and mastered. Once the skill is developed, no pitches or offers will ever have to be made. Once again, I have gone rogue and gotten away from these “traditional” methods.

Elevating you from ‘Degraded, Begging Salesman’ to ‘Screening Expert’

My original company and product were not named “Screening Experts” because I’m a screening expert – I am. It was not so named because the program turns anyone studying it into a screening expert – it does. It was called “Screening Experts” because the method elevates you to “expert” status in the eyes of those you screen in public venues, a crucial and important part of the True Screening Process. Whether a doctor or CA, this system elevates your stature in the eyes of the “screenee” to a level of expert the likes of which will influence his decision on what to do next. It is this that will ultimately make your calls to action irresistible!

Instant confidence without all the feelings of degradation

My 5-step True Screening Process system takes into account all aspects of prospects’ interest, including the Lifetime Patient Ladder, and where these people currently reside on its less than 20 rungs. It takes into account prospects’ viewpoints on illness, health and wellness as well as the current condition they are experiencing even though they may be unaware of it. It also helps them ascend to the proper state of mind to be interested in the condition and a further inquiry into it. In other words, they want to know more, schedule an appointment with you and show up – all at your request.

This is the True Screening Process in action. And it does get people to take action without a single script, offer or pitch. You can do it now with total confidence and zero attention on yourself, the things you say or even what prospects say to or ask of you. You don’t even have to handle a single negative or explain chiropractic to do it. You are finally in control!

Find out more about how to enroll on The True Screening Process training program with me, and learn quickly how to master and use it to grow your practice now and reach and exceed your practice goals.

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