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Chiropractic Screenings: Why I Went ‘Rogue’

MY MISSION: Removing Sales From Chiropractic Screenings

Providing inspiration and assistance in exponential practice growth to an abundance of chiropractors and wellness professionals worldwide as a vehicle to show all of the peoples of Earth their bodies’ innate intelligence, to indoctrinate them into tapping into its fullest potential and to put their health under their control thereby creating a planet living a total wellness lifestyle and thus unlocking the true potential power of Earth’s population, a running start to worldwide prosperity and happiness.

MY VISION: The Teamwork of Onboarding Wellness Patients

A world that is a model of health, with its populations taking full responsibility for their well-being, having control over it with fully-tapped innate intelligence, whereby great things can be accomplished in productivity, international relations and world happiness and peace; Chiropractic being a major constituent part of this process and result. Creating wellness worldwide will effect a giant first step to the improvement of the entire planet.

MY RESULTS: Chiropractic Screenings ANYONE Can Do

Practice owners who have an expanded view of their capabilities and who increase their practice expansion goals exponentially to measure up to their true potential, who have the confidence and skill to go out and make a maximum positive impact on the health of the communities they serve, who are winning and refer others to Screening Experts for similar results, thereby creating a worldwide juggernaut of advocacy forwarding the vision of founder, Frank Sardella in his own personal purpose and advocacy of the Chiropractic and wellness professions.

A strategy for getting these aims accomplished…

Find out how this will be accomplished through my Unique 3-Step Coaching System

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