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Chiropractic Screening Tools | The Lifetime Patient Ladder

I eliminated and obliterated scripts from the screening process by discovering the Lifetime Patient Ladder

After having screened thousands of prospective new patients, I took a look backward. Examining my memory going over all the various types of people I’ve met, responses I had gotten and results I created, I realized that not all prospects are in the same frame of mind. Neither are patients for that matter. So I set out to form a metric tool that would locate, from lowest to highest, the various states of mind people have on the subject of health and what sequence these states followed, from being totally oblivious all the way up to living a wellness lifestyle and beyond.

The key discovery was that the exact midpoint of the ladder was when a prospect was in a prime state of mind to make an appointment to find out more and actually show up…

Several discoveries were made on this. First, I discovered that if you guided a person just shy of this point on the ladder, they would not close on the appointment, or would cancel or no-show, and that most screening methods looked to overshoot this point, taking a person too far beyond it and, ironically, back out of the prime state of mind.

In other words, you can overdo this process with someone, causing them not to book or to book and cancel or no-show.

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Secondly, many of the states of mind were already recognizable and even discussed outside of this context among chiropractors and marketing CA’s, but with no rhyme or reason. This ladder puts it all in sequence.

You already know at least one of these states of mind!

Lastly, this showed up why cookie-cutter scripts just don’t work across the board and, when they do, that there were no guarantees a person would arrive,

My quest fast became to eliminate scripts and just get insight into people’s attitudes. What happened next pulled everything together, magically.

The 5 Ideas That Changed My Mind About How to Onboard New Patients

To get people to show up, you have to study people who have booked and shown up

This was a key distinction found a little late in my research, but, certainly not too late and, maybe, just in the nick of time. While onsite at one of my clients’ offices, I observed the front desk CA receiving a call from a new patient who asked to come in for a consultation, scheduled for that day and, later, arrived in the office for the consult.

When asked how the person had found out about the clinic, the CA reported the person had used a standard phone book and looked up “chiropractors” and just called in. No influence of marketing or promotion was experienced. This person was interested enough to book an appointment and followed through.

This was the light bulb that catapulted my research. I’d been looking to the wrong people.

Here was the person who needed to be studied.

And, I wasn’t totally off the mark. For the entirety of the Lifetime Patient Ladder would never have evolved if thousands of “screenees” were not observed and their behaviors cataloged. Yet, the entirety of the subject of how to get people to show was, rather, tied up in the people who had actually shown up for an appointment. Studying people who book and arrive, and placing their state of mind squarely onto the middle rung of the ladder, the package was complete. The True Screening Process was connected to the ladder and a new ladder was born: The “Screening Ladder” of actions taken by the screener to get the prospect into the “appointment-making-and-keeping” state of mind.

I never even explain Chiropractic or handle a single negative about it anymore.

This ladder shows that they are two of the foremost interest-killing actions, contrary to popular belief and practice when it comes to chiropractic screenings procedure.
It turns out that, although these things must be addressed in the sequence of actions with anyone climbing the ladder to Lifetime Patient status, discussing them prior to patient arrival in the clinic will all but guarantee that never happens. This is a breakthrough discovery on no-shows. These things violate the sequence of actions and steps to get the person in the prime state of mind to do the two things you need them to do the most: book and arrive.

There is plenty of time to educate prospects on chiropractic and handle any negatives about it, but the time and place for that is in the office and during a very specific part of the new-patient enlightenment procedure.

Doing this earlier is like explaining bypass surgery to someone who just got a high reading at a blood pressure screening. It just isn’t done. It would be considered absurd or ridiculous to do. You can’t skip rungs of the ladder unless you want to fall utterly.
Here is all you need to know to be smart, instinctive and confident, developing the ability to “think on your feet” with regard to anyone you meet and any response with which you find yourself confronted.

Apparently, the secret to doing the perfect screening is on this ladder.

It is clear that, once you know the sequence of actions to take based on actual thought processes and states of thinking prospects experience, you not only DO NOT NEED A SCRIPT, but you have in your hands the secret to doing the perfect screening. And, this applies to any form of screening whether in a group, as in a talk, face-to-face in any one-on-one screening setting or even in any advertising or promotion. These are your GPS directions to success. Just spot a person’s point of origin and help them climb from there.

But, this ladder also denotes the further states a person must ascend to get to be a lifetime patient who refers others. It shows you, during the initial consult, ROF and even relief, corrective or maintenance phases care, the way to get and keep someone securely and safely standing atop this ladder, living an ideal wellness life and referring many others to do the same. This is where YOU reside on the ladder, after all. Just consider yourself looking down, pulling others up to safety!

The secrets to “closing people” are not in scripts or closing lines, but in interest created in prospects about their health condition and getting them to want to look deeper into it.

This can now be done effectively creating greater confidence in the screener too!

With the Lifetime Patient Ladder, you can know just where people are with regard to what you want them to do and just how to get them exactly where you need them to be to take action. No more guesswork. And, once they arrive, you can make them a lifetime patient too – just as an added bonus!

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The days of scripts, making offers, begging, feeling degraded and selling are over!

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