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Frank Sardella, Expert Chiropractic Screener

After having recovered from intense illness through the power of chiropractic, Frank Sardella opted to make a career move to help others achieve and control their wellness.

Often asked, “Why not become a chiropractor?” Frank responds,

‘There are plenty of chiropractors to get the job done but too few who know how to create volumes of patients. That is the need I decided to fulfill.’

A dynamic advocate of the Chiropractic profession, Frank’s background landed him into tenure as Marketing Director with one of the largest chains of Chiropractic practices in the US.
Since then, Frank has referred thousands of people to Chiropractors who have, in turn, also become successful patients.

Answering increasing demand for corporate patients and to get into screening venues from health clubs to corporations, he also pioneered one of the first health & wellness event companies contributing a base model for the burgeoning industry that has developed since.

Less than humble beginnings: “My health was a mess!”

Frank was the typically “in-the-dark-about-chiropractic” case and was unlikely to ever have visited one in his life. Always having been relatively healthy he knew only the medical route to “see a doctor when you’re sick” and just live life. Then a car accident threw an unexpected curve.‘I didn’t think I would live to see age 30’ says Frank about that time of his life, literally wondering, with the illnesses he later developed, if he would see his 30th birthday. Little did he know that in 3 years, on his 30th birthday, he would be in great shape and condition, and would parachute from an airplane enjoying a medication-free life.

Frank’s health dwindled rapidly a few months following his “recovery” from the car accident. The barrage of meds to follow were devastating as were trips to “specialists” who were puzzled. In finally electing to do something about his back pain he visited a chiropractor who explained, per the autonomic nervous system model, that he may experience relief from his respiratory and digestive conditions for which he was taking so many meds. Frank recounts his response as “look, doc, just fix my back, okay?” brushing off the comment of the doctor in disbelief and disinterest. One month later, Frank stood before a staff of 20 or so in a staff meeting, throwing his various medications in the waste can. He never looked back claiming today,

‘I owe a great debt of gratitude to the profession that, literally, helped save my life!’

Frank credits the genesis of his pursuit of and contribution to the success of the profession to this factor, a springboard for his career of Chiropractic advocacy.

Frank medication-free at 5,000 feet, skydiving on his 30th birthday

Frank believes that what chiropractors do is put health in control of the patient and THAT is worth shouting about for ALL to hear…

This is what drove Frank, ultimately, to a career in Chiropractic Advocacy. More than just a chiropractic marketer, he sees himself as an advocate of the profession using practice marketing, coaching and inspirational speaking and writing as a vehicle to accomplish this on a grand scale. It is what he considers the key difference between what he does and all past efforts at practice marketing assistance. It is backed by a desire and an inspiration to reach everyone. This makes expanding Screening Experts exponentially not a mere financial or personal prosperity game, but one that challenges him to get chiropractic as THE method to salvage health and care on this planet.

‘When someone hires me to speak on their behalf, represent them or help them expand their practice, they are fueling my mission to reach all of planet Earth with this life-saving process that not only puts a wellness lifestyle within people’s reach but under their control.’

Hence, Screening Experts, a company with a mission to use helping chiropractors expand their practices as a vehicle to help them collectively “save the world” quite literally.

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